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Posted on 24 February, 2017  in Uncategorized

I thought I’d take the time to share a project that I’ve started working on recently. As I continue in my studies in Computer Science I’ve ended up learning quite a few helpful skills beyond that of just programming. A bit part of software or game development is research and planning. This is something, in the past, that I’ve always just put aside, relying on my own personal tastes and ability to code on the fly.


This becomes an issue on larger projects. I get lost in my own code. Backtracking starts to become akin to navigating a labyrinth of logic. After applying some of these newly learned techniques (some UML), I’ve noticed that my workflow has improved and so has my coding structure. While UML and diagrams aren’t for everyone, I think they serve an important purpose — specially for newcomers in the field. While you may not use it out in the real world, practicing it academically helps you understand how to structure your code.


After a bit of searching, I haven’t really found any servicesor software dedicated to some UML principles. So, to my benefit and those who prefer using them, this week I’ve started developing a web app focused on UML class diagrams.



Navigation functionality



Easy editing



Dragging class objects



This is being ceated in JavaScript with p5js libraries.  Its early to say much more, but I will post more down the road!