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Posted on 29 June, 2015  in Blog

The world is getting smaller by the day; technology is bringing us closer with new ways to connect with each others. I’ve recently been working on an app that facilitates this closeness. One of many, Idle Chat is an app where you can search for strangers who are also using the app. Eventually I want this to function like the popular site Omegle AND something akin to Kik. The name may change to something else in the future, but the point is to look for new friends, not just one-time acquaintances. I plan to release this as both a website and android app.

With that said, I’m in the middle of redesigning the app to include an account system. I originally went with just a master server that would connect two people online, however since the app has no popularity at all, its almost impossible to bump into anyone. So the redesign will use an account system that will be created for anyone who uses the app. You then will be able to give yourself an account name and password if you wish to have a more tangible presence on the app itself, allowing you to log on to different devices and having your accounts saved. Furthermore I’ll incorporate a messaging server to handle all messages as opposed to direct connection, this will handle any issues of NAT and UDP through cellular networks. Using some SQL magic I’m hoping message delays won’t be too bad. We will see how things go!