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Android Studio and Material of Life

Posted on 20 April, 2015  in Blog

My schedule has been filled to the brim in the past few weeks, with school work, exams, and work I had little time for myself and my projects! However with the little time I did have I managed to get started on a new live wallpaper I’ve been meaning to work on using Android Studio for the very first time.


I’ve been trying to branch away from Unity for other projects with hopes to eliminate my dependency for it. While Unity is a great IDE, I felt that the more comfortable I got with it, the more trapped I became. This feeling reached is peak last year, and shortly after I heard about Android Studio and wanted to give it a try.


For those that are familiar with Conway’s Game of Life, Material of Life is a live wallpaper of that very same simulation, but with Android L’s Material Design theme in mind. Below are a few pictures of what I have so far on the project.



Screenshot_2015-04-20-01-30-27 Screenshot_2015-04-20-01-30-53 Screenshot_2015-04-20-01-30-42

Conway’s Game of Life has always intrigued me due to its seemingly complex behavior from a very simple algorithm, creating what seems to be a simulation of life in it’s most basic form.  Conway’s Game of Life operates with these simple rules:


  1. If a living cell has less than 2 neighbors, the cell dies from isolation
  2. if a living cell has more than 4 neighbors, the cell dies from overcrowding
  3. if a living cell has 2 or more neighbors, but less than 4, it lives on to the next generation
  4. if an empty or dead cell has exactly 3 neighbors, it has met the requirements for life and turns into a living cell.